Goshen Township - Mahoning County, OH

               14003 W. South Range Rd.
                 Phone: 330-332-1235
               Salem, OH 44460-9127                       Fax:     330-332-3411

              LUMBERTON CEMETERY is located at the corner of State Route 534
              and Western Reserve Road, at the northern edge of Goshen Township
              and the southern edge of Berlin Township.

              The cemetery was jointly deeded to Goshen Township and Berlin Township
              in June 1928 when the church on the north side of Western Reserve Rd. ceased to exist.
              In 2010, Berlin Twp. deeded their half of the cemetery to Goshen Twp, giving
              Goshen full ownership and full responsibility of the cemetery.

Lumberton Burial Locations - Rows 01-06

Lumberton Burial Locations - Rows 07-14

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