Goshen Township - Mahoning County, OH

               14003 W. South Range Rd.                  Phone: 330-332-1235
               Salem, OH 44460-9127                         Fax:     330-332-3411

              The township cemeteries are the responsibility of the Township Trustees
              and are maintained by the Goshen Township Road Department.

for Lot Information or Burial Scheduling, contact:

Matt Springer, Road Foreman                   330-402-2390     or
Teresa Stratton, Trustee                              330-692-1606    or
Rob Spencer, Trustee                                   330-507-4391

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Township Cemeteries

Bunker Hill Cemeteries
East Goshen Cemeteries
Lumberton Cemetery

Cemetery Purchase of Lots:     (Eff. 01/04/2014)
           Township Residents     $   500.00 per grave
           Non-Twp. Residents     $1,000.00 per grave

Opening & Closing Costs:        (Eff. 01/04/2014)
           Burial                Monday thru Friday:                                $550.00
           Cremation:       Monday thru Friday:                                $325.00
           Burial/Cremations - Saturdays & Permitted Holidays:   $200.00 additional
           Burials arriving at the cemetery after 2:00pm                  $100.00 additional
           No Sunday burials will be conducted.

Foundation Pricing                    (Eff. 01/14/2019)
            $.65 / sq in.            Calculate Pricing

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