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Goshen Township is one of the fourteen townships of Mahoning County, Ohio. The township is located in northeast Ohio, near the Pennsylvania state line. 


Founded on April 16, 1819, Goshen Township is a 34 square mile community with a population of approximately 3243, with 18.814 miles of paved and chip & seal roads. 


The community is non-zoned, mostly agricultural, with some light industry. 


No municipalities are located in Goshen Township, although the unincorporated community of Damascus lies partly in the township.


The Mahoning County Board of Elections is looking for poll workers for the March 19 Presidential Primary Election!

If you are a registered voter and at least 18 years of age, you can contact the Board of Elections for more information: 

Registered Democrats contact is Jenny at 330-783-2474 x6627

Registered Republicans contact is Jill at 330-783-2474 x 6606

March 15 is Cemetery Cleanup Day

Residents need to remove any decorations or keepsakes prior to that day to ensure nothing valuable or sentimental is unintentionally discarded.



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